New full site editing blocks

With full site editing, there are a couple of new blocks that will help us build
sites rather than single posts and pages.

Available blocks

The blocks listed here can be used now, with the Gutenberg plugin version 8.2 or later installed and with full site editing enabled.

Some of these blocks are still in their most basic form, and does not have any extra settings like the toolbars that we are used to.

Discussions are still being held about what controls the blocks should have.

See this link for background and more information:

General blocks:

Site title

Post blocks:

  • Post title
  • Post author
  • Post date
  • Post featured image -Your theme must have support for this feature.
  • Post content -Does not work in the post editor, only in the site editor.
  • Post excerpt
  • Post tags

Comment blocks:

  • Post comments count
  • Post comments
  • Post comments form


  • Query
  • Loop
  • Query pagination

Post author

Tested with Gutenberg version: 8.1

The post author block is one of the blocks that already has extra settings.

The options are:

  • Select the author from a drop-down.
  • Show or hide the user avatar. -It is not possible to select the position of the avatar.
  • Select between these avatar sizes: 24×24, 48×48, 96×96 pixels.
  • Show or hide biography -It is not possible to edit the biography inside the block. The content is loaded from the users settings.
  • Change text color and background color. -It is not possible to select a gradient.
  • Align text to left, center or right.

When text is selected, it can also be bold and/or italic, and the strikethrough can be applied.

Post author block panel settings
The post author block in the editor with the block toolbar displaying.

Post Date

Tested with Gutenberg version: 8.1

With the post date block, you can:

  • Select the date format to display:
    • Time only,
    • Month, day and year
    • Month, day, year and time
  • Select the publishing date from a calendar with a date picker. You can schedule posts with this feature.
  • Reset the publishing date. This will set your post to draft.

This block has a help box with instructions how to use the date picker.

Post date block panel setting with a drop down where you can select the date format.
The post date in the editor with the date picker showing.

Post excerpt

Tested with Gutenberg version: 8.1

The post excerpt block lets you create the content of the excerpt.

  • Select the length of the excerpt.
  • When the text of the excerpt is selected, you can make it bold and/or italic.
  • Align text to the left, center or right.
  • The block supports the following inline settings:
    • Inline code
    • Inline image
    • Strikethrough
    • Subscript
    • Superscript
    • Text color
  • Add links.
  • Enable a Read more link. You can edit the link text and choose to show the link to the right of the excerpt content, or on a new line.
Post excerpt block panel settings with excerpt length and link position options.

Post query

Post query, loop, and query pagination blocks have been included in Gutenberg 8.2.

These block are designed to display the latest posts like in a blog listing or archive. The first iteration is very basic.

<!-- wp:query --> <!-- wp:query-loop --> Content <!-- /wp:query-loop --> <!-- wp:query-pagination /--> <!-- /wp:query -->

Blocks that are being worked on

Post tag block improvements

There is a pull request on Github for greatly improving the post tag block, including a way to edit the separator between tags and adding text before the list.