WordPress Themes with support for full site editing are built with blocks, and are commonly called block themes. When you activate a full site editing theme, you gain access to the new Site Editor. With the Site Editor you can edit all parts of your website, change site wide colors and typography, and even create new custom templates.


Jace has a dark grey background and white and gold details.
The example homepage has a centered header menu, a circular header image and large headline.
Below the header is a column  with three ecommerce sections: A newsletter call to action and to WooCommerce products.
The theme has an optional color scheme with white background and dark grey text. The screenshot displays an alternative header with the menu to the right and a shop page with three columns of products from WooCommerce.

I have created Jace to showcase the features of full site editing.

Jace is an accessibility-ready theme, and the only block theme in the official theme directory that has been reviewed for accessibility by the themes team.

You can use the theme for blogging, for your portfolio, business, or store.
To use the e-commerce features, you need to install both WooCommerce and WooCommerce blocks. It is also recommended to install Gutenberg and Contact Form 7.

The theme has over 60 patterns + all patterns from the WordPress pattern directory.
Please view the demo to see example of the patterns and block styles.

Jace includes an optional light color scheme, blog layouts, about pages, contact pages, sticky header, social sharing, full-screen headers, buttons and list styles.

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Armando has white body background with dark blue and light grey details.
It has a site header with a right aligned menu and search form.
The screenshot displays a block pattern with a heading, and image, and the latest post.

Armando was the first full site editing theme that I submitted to the theme directory.

Armando is a basic blog or sports theme in white and dark blue and silver details. This is a starter block theme with several different block patterns and styles to choose from.

Miniblock OOAK

Miniblock OOAK has a gradient background in light yellow to light turquoise, and page sections with white to transparent gradients and black text.

Miniblock OOAK is a proof of concept for true one page block themes, where you edit your front page in the site editor.

One page, all the blocks. If all you need is one fully customizable page, it does not get simpler than this.

Perfect for promoting your work from home small business, hobby, or craft, or as a contact page. Perhaps your passion project is creating one of a kind custom plushies?

Twenty Twenty Two

Tove -By Anders Norén

Want to learn how to create WordPress themes like these? Start with this lesson.

Aino -By Elma Studio

Q -By Ari Stathopoulos

Q is made by WordPress Core and Editor contributor Ari Stathopoulos (@Yoast). Ari is also a former team representative for the themes team. Q was the first full site editing theme to be added to the theme directory.


Catch FSE -by Catch Themes

Hansen -by UXL

Pria -By UXL

Alara -By UXL

Zelia -By UXL

Blockbase -By Automattic

Blockbase child themes:

Naledi -By Anariel Design

Clove -By Anariel Design

Gutena -By ExpressTech Systems

Frost -By Brian Gardner & WPEngine

Link to

Avant-Garde -By Brian Gardner

TT1 Blocks

The full site editing version of the previous default theme Twenty Twenty-One. (Not updated for WordPress 5.9)

Rick -By WPEntire

Bai -By Seedwebs


Emulsion -By Nobita

Nominal Block -By Theme 404

If you have created a theme that you would like me to test and feature, let me know.