Full site editing themes

WordPress themes with support for full site editing are built with blocks, and are commonly called block themes. When you activate a full site editing theme, you gain access to the new Site Editor. With the Site Editor you can edit all parts of your website, change site wide colors and typography, and even create new custom templates.


Jace has a dark grey background and white and gold details.
The example homepage has a centered header menu, a circular header image and large headline.
Below the header is a column  with three ecommerce sections: A newsletter call to action and to WooCommerce products.
The theme has an optional color scheme with white background and dark grey text. The screenshot displays an alternative header with the menu to the right and a shop page with three columns of products from WooCommerce.

I have created Jace to showcase the features of full site editing.

Jace is an accessibility-ready theme, and the only block theme in the official theme directory that has been reviewed for accessibility by the WordPress.org themes team (July 2022).

You can use the theme for blogging, for your portfolio, business, or store.
To use the e-commerce features, you need to install both WooCommerce and WooCommerce blocks. It is also recommended to install Gutenberg and Contact Form 7.

The theme has over 60 patterns + all patterns from the WordPress pattern directory.
Please view the demo to see example of the patterns and block styles.

Jace includes an optional light color scheme, blog layouts, about pages, contact pages, sticky header, social sharing, full-screen headers, buttons and list styles.

If you like this theme, please leave a review on WordPress.org ⭐❤️


Armando has white body background with dark blue and light grey details.
It has a site header with a right aligned menu and search form.
The screenshot displays a block pattern with a heading, and image, and the latest post.

Armando was the first full site editing theme that I submitted to the WordPress.org theme directory.

Armando is a basic blog or sports theme in white and dark blue and silver details. This is a starter block theme with several different block patterns and styles to choose from.

Miniblock OOAK

Miniblock OOAK has a gradient background in light yellow to light turquoise, and page sections with white to transparent gradients and black text.

Miniblock OOAK is a proof of concept for true one page block themes, where you edit your front page in the site editor.

One page, all the blocks.
If all you need is one fully customizable page, it does not get simpler than this.

Perfect for promoting your work from home small business, hobby, or craft, or as a contact page. Perhaps your passion project is creating one of a kind custom plushies?

The best full site editing themes by the WordPress community

Twenty Twenty-Two

Twenty Twenty-Two has a large black header on the front page. It has a right aligned menu, a large heading and an image of a bird.

Twenty Twenty-Two is the default theme for WordPress in 2022.

Themes by Anariel Design

Bricky’s best feature are the many custom patterns that are included in the theme.
Many of the patterns are focused on showcasing your photos in different combinations, but there are also about sections and pricing tables.

Bricksy has 9 color variations including a dark mode, a sidebar page template and a team template.

The theme needs extra setup steps when you install it, since you need to replace the images and text on the home page and footer with your own content.

– Well supported, works with WooCommerce and receives frequent updates.

Themes by Anders Norén


Tove theme screenshot

Tove is an adorably cute theme that will make your visitors smile and feel welcome.
This full site editing theme has light pastell colors and design elements with heavy drop shadows.

– This theme does not receive frequent updates and is suitable if you do not need to use the latest version of the Gutenberg plugin


Poe theme screenshot

Poe is is an overall well designed theme and I particularly like the font choice and the spacing, as well as simplicity of the archive page and the different optional header and footer designs.

This full site editing theme has 9 style variations with different fonts and color combinations. My personal favorite is the default style with its black background, white text and yellow accent.


Beaumont is simply stunning and a great choice for a personal website.
The theme has many style variations with different color schemes, including three dark versions. You can also choose from several font families.

Beaumont includes template parts with different blog designs, and you can use them to change your blog or archive pages.

Want to learn how to create WordPress themes like these? Start with this lesson.

Themes by Automattic


Blockbase theme screenshot

Blockbase is the parent- and starter theme from the Automattic theme’s team.
I would best describe it as practical theme that is well supported with frequent updates. On its own, it does not have that many styling options.

– The big caveat with this theme is that is supports WordPress 5.8, which means that it is not built with the newest standards and features.

The theme has three custom page templates: Blank, header and footer only, and footer only.

Blockbase includes several block patterns, but only for the footer and header.
-The patterns can be a bit difficult to discover because some of them are placed in a category called Blockbase, and others are placed in a category called header.


Quadrat theme screenshot

I have picked Quadrat because I love it’s color scheme and its use of shapes.
Quadrat is a child theme of Blockbase.


Videomaker theme screenshot

Videomaker is a theme that really showcases how you can use block patterns for a specific niche. In this case, video creation.

Videomaker has dark a background and light text and large font sizes.


Skatepark theme screenshot

Skatepark screams a strong personality that wants to be noticed: Mainly because of the opinionated neon green color scheme.
This theme has expressive large typography and thick lines across the design. It also uses a small amount of animations, notably for the social links.


Rainfall is both striking and simplistic, and is lifted by the choice of colors and the typography.

This is a great theme for publishing your texts, blog posts or otherwise. The theme includes patterns for both text based content and images.

Themes by Brian Gardner

Bright Mode

Bright Mode theme screenshot

Bright Mode displays your blogposts in a responsive 3 column grid that also shows the featured images. You can choose between two more blog layouts.

The theme’s colors are white and black with a gradient border above the header and site footer. There are several more gradients used in the theme’s 6(!) testimonial patterns.

Note that this theme disables the default WordPress patterns, and the patterns from the official pattern directory.


Avant-Garde theme screenshot

Avant-garde is a clean simplistic theme that is easy to use if you want well designed blog.
It is in black and white and has a centered main menu and a large footer area.
The single posts use a beautiful two column layout.

Design Mode

Design Mode makes great use of spacing and typography, images and cover blocks.
The theme has beautiful design details and bundles easy to use patterns for columns, link sections, a blog and a premade page.

This theme is a great option if you have not used a block theme before, and it works best if all your posts have featured images.

FrostWP theme screenshot

Frost is a starter theme by Brian Gardner and WP Engine.

Themes by Catch Themes

Catch FSE

Catch FSE theme screenshot

Catch FSE is a dark theme with custom gradient accents and graphics.
The theme adds many different page, post and archive templates that makes it easy for you to customize the optional sidebars.
Also includes a light color scheme with light grey and pale purple accents.


Axton theme screenshot

Axton is described as a minimalist portfolio theme with light and dark style variations.

This is a theme with beautiful typography that makes good usage of your posts featured images. The contrasting lines that separate different parts of the website feel modest and elegant.

– The contrast between the default background color and the secondary color, for example in the themes footer menu, is too low for my liking, but you can update the color palette easily.


ArtsyLens is a high quality theme both in terms of design, code, and easy of use.

This theme is easy to set up and is suitable for displaying photos, illustrations or other media.

Themes by Jegstudio


Zeever theme screenshot


Renovater theme screenshot

Jegstudio has a set of free themes based on the same concept: A basic theme with one custom homepage template, ready to be edited.

One of the things I test for is how easy it is to setup the theme to make it look like the demo or screenshot.
-With these business oriented full site editing themes, all you need to do is go to the WordPress Site Editor and start filling out your business information: Adress, opening hours, call to actions, services etc.
With full site editing, you edit and save the texts on the page directly without having to fill out theme options.

Themes by Rich Tabor


Wabi theme screenshot

What lifts Wabi is the attention to detail, typography and spacing between the elements on your page.

In this full site editing theme, the social media links are placed in the header right next to your site title, before your main navigation menu and search.

Wabi uses a unique custom setting that adds individual colors to the header area of your posts, without making changes to block styles.
It also has 3 style variations including dark mode.

The theme listings on this page are not sponsored.

I am updating the list over time, because I want to include themes that are up to date.
I have hand picked the themes based on testing and word of mouth. All themes have been created by developers and designers who have been “early adopters” and has helped improve full site editing by sharing their themes.

If you have created a theme that you would like me to test and feature, let me know.