Jace -New!

A blog theme in black and gold. Mix circular images and triangular shapes with vertical text.


Armando is a basic blog or sports theme in white and dark blue and silver details. This is a starter block theme with several different block patterns and styles to choose from.
With this theme, I wanted to explore adding sidebars as templates.

Tove -By Anders Norén

Want to learn how to create WordPress themes like these? Start with this lesson.

TT1 Blocks -By WordPress contributors

The renamed full site editing version of the default theme Twenty Twenty-One. This theme is also used to test the Gutenberg plugin. (Not updated for WordPress 5.9)

Aino -By Elma Studio

Q -By Ari Stathopoulos

Q is made by WordPress Core and Editor contributor Ari Stathopoulos (@Yoast). Ari is also a former team representative for the themes team. Q was the first full site editing theme to be added to the theme directory.


Hansen -by UXL

Pria -By UXL

Alara -By UXL

Zelia -By UXL

Blockbase -By Automattic

Blockbase child themes:

Naledi -By Anariel Design

Clove -By Anariel Design

Frost -By Brian Gardner & WPEngine

Link to

Rick -By WPEntire

Bai -By Seedwebs


Emulsion -By Nobita

Nominal Block -By Theme 404

All full site editing themes require that you also install and activate the Gutenberg plugin.
If you have created a theme that you would like me to test and feature, let me know.