Site Title

Displays the name of this site. Update the block, and the changes apply everywhere it’s used. This will also appear in the browser title bar and in search results.

This block is available in the latest version of WordPress and does not require the Gutenberg plugin.

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Tips for using the Site Title block

To place the block, you can use the block inserter or you can type /title to access a shortcut.

The site title block uses an H1 heading by default. You should use one H1 on every page, remember that if you already have an H1, you need to change the heading level.

The Site Title block does not have toolbar options for bold or italic. Instead, you can change this in the block settings sidebar under Typography > Appearance.
It also does not have options for inline images, editing as HTML, or highlights (inline colors).

For developers

Block Grammar & Markup

<!-- wp:site-title /-->

Block Attributes

Optional. Type: Object.

Attributes provide the structured data needs of a block. They can exist in different forms when they are serialized, but they are declared together under a common interface.


  "level": {
    "type": "number",
    "default": 1
  "textAlign": {
    "type": "string"
  "isLink": {
    "type": "boolean",
    "default": true
  "linkTarget": {
    "type": "string",
    "default": "_self"

Block Supports

Optional. Type: Object.

A set of options that enables or disables block controls in the editor, for example gradient colors or padding.


  "align": [
  "html": false,
  "color": {
    "gradients": true,
    "link": true,
    "__experimentalDefaultControls": {
      "background": true,
      "text": true,
      "link": true
  "spacing": {
    "padding": true,
    "margin": true,
    "__experimentalDefaultControls": {
      "margin": false,
      "padding": false
  "typography": {
    "fontSize": true,
    "lineHeight": true,
    "__experimentalFontFamily": true,
    "__experimentalTextTransform": true,
    "__experimentalTextDecoration": true,
    "__experimentalFontStyle": true,
    "__experimentalFontWeight": true,
    "__experimentalLetterSpacing": true,
    "__experimentalDefaultControls": {
      "fontSize": true
  "interactivity": {
    "clientNavigation": true


Optional. Type: Object.

Transforms provide rules for what a block can be transformed from and what it can be transformed to.


Transforms to: Site logo.

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