Site tagline

With the site tagline block, you can display the tagline and edit the text. All copies of the site tagline will display the same text.
If you update the site tagline in the WordPress admin area or in the Customizer, the block is also updated.

Block category: Theme.
Added in: WordPress 5.8

Sidebar settings

  • Typography: Font family, font size, appearance, line height, letter case, letter spacing
  • Colors: Text and background
  • Dimensions: Padding and margin
  • Advanced: Anchor, additional CSS classes

Toolbar settings

Wide width, full width, left, right, and center align.


Learn about WordPress block themes and global styles

The Site Tagline block toolbar has options for alignments, while other style options are located in the block settings sidebar.

HTML Markup

<!-- wp:site-tagline /-->


<p class="wp-block-site-tagline">Just another WordPress site</p>

Tips for using the site tagline block

The site tagline is always a paragraph, and the HTML element can not be changed. It can not be a link.
Because it is a paragraph, it inherits global styles from the paragraph block.