Post title

With the post title block, you can display and edit the title text.

Block category: Theme.
Added in: WordPress 5.8

Sidebar settings

  • Colors: Text, background and link
  • Typography: Font family, font size, appearance, line height, letter case, letter spacing.
  • Link settings. With the link settings, you can make the title a link, add a rel, and choose whether to open the link in a new window:
The post title block link settings has two toggles:, one for making the title a link, and one to open the link in a new tab.
When the link option is enabled, there is an additional text field for the link rel attribute.

Toolbar settings

Select between heading levels H1-H6. The default heading level is two.
Left, right and center align, full-width and wide width.

HTML Markup

<!-- wp:post-title /-->
<!-- wp:post-title {"isLink":true} /-->


<h2>Hello world!</h2>

Tips for using the post title block

When you use the title inside a query loop, remember to enable the link option. Otherwise, visitors can not navigate to the single post.