Page Break

Separate your content into a multi-page experience.

This block is available in the latest version of WordPress and does not require the Gutenberg plugin.


For developers

Block Grammar & Markup

<!-- wp:core/nextpage -->
<!-- /wp:core/nextpage -->


Optional. Type: Array.

Blocks are able to be inserted into blocks that use InnerBlocks as nested content. Setting parent lets a block require that it is only available when nested within the specified blocks.



Block Attributes

Optional. Type: Object.

Attributes provide the structured data needs of a block. They can exist in different forms when they are serialized, but they are declared together under a common interface.



Block Supports

Optional. Type: Object.

A set of options that enables or disables block controls in the editor, for example gradient colors or padding.


  "customClassName": false,
  "className": false,
  "html": false