Post author

Display post author details such as name, avatar, and bio.

Block category: Theme.
Added in: WordPress 5.9

The post author block is one of the blocks that have extra settings. The options are:

  • Select the author from a drop-down.
  • Show or hide the user avatar. -It is not possible to select the position of the avatar.
  • Avatar duotone.
  • Select between these avatar sizes: 24×24, 48×48, 96×96 pixels.
  • Show or hide biography -It is not possible to edit the biography inside the block. The content is loaded from the users settings.
  • Change text color and background color. -It is not possible to select a gradient.
  • Align text to left, center or right.

When text is selected, it can also be bold or italic, and you can apply strikethrough.

The post author block panel settings has a select list where you can choose which user to display with the block.
It has two toggles: one for showing the users avatar, and one for showing the users biography.
The size of the avatar can be updated with a select list.
The author block uses two columns. The left column shows the users avatar.
The right column has two rows. The first row shows the username, and the second row shows the users biography.
An optional byline can be displayed above the username.