Post date

Block category: Theme.
Added in: WordPress 5.8

With the post date block, you can:

  • Select the date format to display:
    • Time only,
    • Month, day and year
    • Month, day, year and time
  • Select the publishing date from a calendar with a date picker. You can schedule posts with this feature.
  • Reset the publishing date. This will set your post to draft.

This block has a help box with instructions on using the date picker.

The post date block uses an advanced calendar date picker. The date and time can be entered into date fields, or selected from a table that presents the days in the current month. The calendar can be reset, and there is a help section with additional information about how to navigate the calendar with the keyboard.
The date format can be changed in the settings sidebar for the post date block.
The options include only displaying the time, only displaying the date, or displaying both the time and date.