Full site editing will change how everyone uses themes -and how we build them

What is full site editing?

Full site editing is a set of new WordPress features that help us edit all parts of our website: Site Editor, global styles, block themes, new blocks, and theme.json.

Site Editor

Use the Site Editor to create and manage your website’s pages, templates, menus, patterns, and template parts. You can also update your 404 page, archives, and search result pages in the Site Editor.

With full site editing, you edit templates in the Site Editor. The image shows the editor and two sidebars. On the left side is the navigation sidebar with links to the template lists and the WordPress dashboard. On the right is the block settings sidebar and the Styles sidebar.

Global, site-wide styles

You can change the website’s colors and update typography settings like font family and font size from the Styles sidebar in the Site Editor. You can choose default block colors and create custom color palettes. From WordPress version 6.2, you can add custom CSS to your website using two new options.

Block themes

With block themes, you use blocks and block patterns to create entire pages and websites.
Everything you see on a page is a block. You can customize your pages using new site blocks, including Site title, logo, navigation, post title, comment form, featured image, date, categories, and tags.

Theme.json, a new theme configuration file for developers

Theme developers can use the new configuration file with block themes and classic PHP-based themes. With theme.json, you can define default block settings, content width, typography, colors, and spacing and drastically reduce the CSS needed to create themes.

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