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Full site editing will change how everyone uses themes,
-and how we build them.

What is full site editing?

Full site editing is a new WordPress feature that is under development.
An early version, a Minimum Viable Product, is planned for WordPress 5.8.

With full site editing, you use blocks to create entire sites. Everything you see on a page is a block.

Build a site using the new Site Editor

Full site editing includes a new site editor where you create full page layouts using templates and template parts

Place blocks anywhere

Use the new WordPress blocks to create full-page layouts including content, header, and footer areas.

Build a header with the new full site editing blocks: Site title, tagline, navigation menu and search.

Configure and style sites with Global Styles

Select global colors, font size, and block settings in the new Global Styles sidebar.

The global styles settings panel for colors and font sizes.