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Full site editing will change how everyone uses themes,
-and how we build them.

What is full site editing?

Full site editing is a collective term for a set of new WordPress features that are under development:

Block themes
Template editing
Global styles

With block themes, you use blocks to create entire pages or websites.
Everything you see on a page is a block.

WordPress 5.8 is planned to include an early version of full side editing with new blocks and a new template editor.

Template editor

Templates are designs for full pages, including header and footer.

With the template editor you can add templates to your posts and pages. You can combine existing content with new templates, and give your posts and pages individual designs, headers, and colors.

You select or create templates directly from the new Template section in the block editor:

The new Template section in the block editor settings sidebar has a select list with templates to choose from, and a button for creating new templates.

New site blocks

You can create header and footer areas or customize your blog using new blocks, including: Site title, logo, navigation, post title, featured image, date, categories and tags.

Build a header with the new full site editing blocks: Site title, tagline, navigation menu and search.

A new theme configuration file for developers

A new configuration file will be available for theme developers, both for classic themes and block themes. With the theme.json file, developers can define default block settings, content width, fonts and colors, and drastically reduce the CSS needed to create themes.

The theme.json configuration file with settings for a default color palette.

Highlights from the WordPress community

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A new block theme by Automattic: Blockbase

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Highlighted changes in Gutenberg 10.8:
-Letter-spacing support for site title and site tagline ( I built this 😀 )
-Font weight for the heading block
-Fix an issue where not all block patterns were showing
-Metaboxes were removed from the template editor

Highlighted changes in Gutenberg 10.7:
-The navigation block now has an option for a responsive menu.
-Margin support in theme.json.
-Color and padding support for individual columns in the column block. 

If you are using or building a block theme, upgrading is recommended. You can read more in the announcement post.