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Hi! 👋

Welcome to this course about full site editing with WordPress.
My name is Carolina Nymark. I am a WordPress developer at Yoast,
a long-time WordPress contributor, and a former team representative
for the WordPress.org themes team.

I started sharing guides about full site editing in the fall of 2020, and wow, has a lot changed since then! WordPress now has partial support for full site editing since version 5.8, a new Site Editor in version 5.9, and version packed with improvements in 6.0.

In my previous introduction, I spoke about how change is both exciting and scary. And how we, as theme developers, need to test, learn, and provide feedback about full site editing to influence change. This is still essential if we want full site editing to work for the people using our themes, and for us.

More and more people are showing an interest in block themes, and we are in a period where WordPress is experiencing growing pains. We are starting to see the possibilities with full site editing, but there is a need for better extensibility to go further, faster.

So as you explore and learn more about FSE, please share your questions and your solutions with your fellow developers. You can also help improve full site editing and block themes by bringing your feedback, bug reports, and feature requests to the Gutenberg GitHub repository.

How to use this course

To make the most out of my full site editing guides, you need to have basic knowledge of WordPress theme development. You need to know HTML, PHP, and CSS and how to work with blocks in the editor.

– The material is free, you do not need to register, and you will have access to all updates.

I have divided the lessons into chapters. Some of the lessons have exercises, and others are more useful as references.

Course content and progression

I recommend that you take the lessons in order because sometimes I refer to previous lessons. You can use the knowledge gained in the earlier lessons as you progress through the course.

Navigating the course pages

To navigate the course, you can use the left sidebar menu on the lesson page. The first link in the menu takes you back to the index with the list of chapters and lessons.

Course material

Instructions and links to the course material are available in the lessons. You can download the course material from this GitHub repository:


You can also report bugs found on fullsiteediting.com in this repository and leave me feedback on the lessons, example themes, and topics you would like me to write about.

Are you experiencing problems with the course site?

If you need access to the course in a different format or have any questions, please email me at carolina@fullsiteediting.com.