Frequently Asked Questions about full site editing

How do I enable full site editing?

To enable WordPress full site editing, you first need to install the Gutenberg plugin. You can use the version from, or the development version downloaded from the Github repository.

Once Gutenberg is activated, locate and open the Experiments menu item in the Gutenberg menu:

On the experiments page, check the check box for the option
Enable Full Site Editing:
You will also need a theme with support for full site editing.

Where can I find a theme to test with full site editing?

The course material includes a test theme called Stanley (Completed), which is a full site editing version of the old default theme “Kubrick”.

This theme is meant to illustrate the file structure and for building on.

An example block based theme with a grey body background and blue header.

There is an official WordPress Github repository for experimental themes. Note that not all of the themes are up to date with the latest features.

One option is to try the Gutenberg starter theme for blocks.

The repository includes full site editing versions of Twenty Twenty and Twenty Nineteen.

Do you have a question about full site editing?

Send me your questions and I will try my best to answer them or do some testing. If I don’t know the answer, I can pass the question on and publish it here. Together we can figure this out.

-If you find a question on this page that has no answer yet, please feel free to contribute.