Frequently asked questions about full site editing

When will full site editing be available in WordPress?

Full site editing is available with the Gutenberg plugin installed.
It will be available in WordPress itself when it is ready.
It was first scheduled to be included in WordPress version 5.6 in December 2020.
-It is unlikely to be complete by the release of WordPress 5.7 in March 2021, but by then we may see more elements of it in WordPress core.

How do I enable full site editing?

From Gutenberg version 9.3.0, you no longer need to enable full site editing manually. If you are using an older version, you can download the latest version from the WordPress plugin directory.

Full site editing is still experimental, but the features are automatically enabled when you activate a full site editing theme.

On activation, you will see this notice in the WordPress admin area:
Full site editing activation notice.

Where can I find a theme to test with full site editing?

Please visit this page where I have list of themes that you can use.

What version of Gutenberg do I need?

As Gutenberg is updated every two weeks, I recommend that you use the latest release.

Course: Do I need to know React to follow the developer course?

No, this is not a JavaScript heavy course.

Course: Will you teach me how to build custom blocks?

No, but there are lessons about custom block styles, variations and block patterns.

Course: Are the videos captioned?

The videos are captioned and full transcripts including the code examples are available on each lesson page.

Do you have a question about full site editing?

Send me your questions and I will try my best to answer them or do some testing. If I don’t know the answer, I can pass the question on and publish it here.

-If you find a question on this page that has no answer yet, please feel free to contribute.