January 2021.

Hello friends!

A lot of things have changed since may 2020 when I first introduced this site.
I wanted to give an update but also keep the original about page.

Thank you everyone who sponsored and encourage me in 2020. I am now going to be able to pay it forward.

Since January 2021, I am a sponsored full time WordPress core contributor at Yoast.
This means that I will be contributing to the accessibility team, full site editing, and WordPress core.

It means that I am working full time again and that I will not have the same ability to post updates on fullsiteediting.com.

And it means that I will be able to prioritize the official documentation for full site editing, on wordpress.org, once this is stable enough. Promoting full site editing to help get theme authors involved and share information is what I wanted to do with this website.


May 2020.

My name is Carolina Nymark. I am a developer and WordPress theme nerd from Stockholm, Sweden.

On this site, I am offering a course and other materials about full site editing and block-based themes.

I have contributed to WordPress for the past 10 years, with countless of hours, 2000 code reviews, code contributions and more. I am a team representative for the WordPress.org themes team and that is where my main focus is.

I helped develop the Twenty Twenty theme and have several free, accessibility-ready themes in the WordPress theme directory.

For 18 years, I was employed by a government agency (administration and customer service) and being a WordPress developer was something I did on my spare time.
My employer was not able to offer me working conditions during the virus outbreak that would be safe for my partner, and I am now unemployed.

I have been able to freelance a little bit, but I have found it difficult to compete on market places because while I have knowledge and experience of WordPress, I don’t yet have the necessary working experience in this field.

I had no plans to create a course about full site editing until a few weeks ago. And when I first started thinking about it, my first plan did not include a free version of the course.

But because this is my first course, and because full site editing is something that all theme authors need to start thinking about, I decided to give it away for free. Because I am not the only one in this situation, and I am not the worst off.

Consider it part of my CV.

If you have questions about the courses, please email me at carolina@fullsiteediting.com