Reintroducing the blog

The last time I posted on the blog was in November 2020. Now that WordPress 5.8 and template editing have been released, I want to reintroduce the blog.

I want to use it to publish articles about full site editing that are not good fits for full lessons.
I also want to share resources and news more frequently.

Upcoming updates to the site

Because of health issues, I could not complete all the updates I hoped to do last week.
I am working on them, but slower than expected.

For this reason, and because my work at Yoast comes first, I am not committing to publishing updates on the blog every week. But perhaps twice per month.

I have been a stressed about keeping up with both health, work, Gutenberg changes and the full site editing website, and I need to find a pace that works best for me.

Among the planned updates are:

  • Update existing lessons for 5.8.
  • Split the theme.json lesson and example into separate lessons.
  • Update the block reference plugin to display block information for both WordPress core and Gutenberg. Automate the updates.
  • Update the VS Code block markup addon.
  • Finalize and publish the lessons about the template editor and site editor.

Low priority:

  • Update the block theme used on the website. 🙂
  • Experiment with tools for more interactivity with and between site visitors.

On top of that, I also have two pages for the official Theme Developer handbook that are under review and needs to be published.