Level: No code

In this archive, I am listing all no-code full-site editing lessons for users and site creators. These lessons may be at beginner level or intermediate.

  • How to create WordPress themes without coding

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    This lesson will teach you how to create WordPress themes in the Site Editor without writing a single line of code. You will learn how to create the required theme files, edit templates, and add fonts and styles. Following this guide, you can create a WordPress block theme in about an hour, depending on your…

    How to create WordPress themes without coding
  • Creating sidebars with blocks

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    With full site editing, you can add new sidebars to any WordPress block theme, even themes that do not originally include sidebars. There are a couple of different ways to create sidebars using blocks. You can use the columns block and add one or more sidebars, create the sidebar as a template part, or add…

  • Managing color palettes

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    When you activate a block theme, WordPress enables several types of color palettes:Solid colors, gradients, and duotone image filters. The palettes can come from different sources: WordPress (Default), a theme or plugin, or a user. A user-created color palette is labeled as “custom”: A theme or plugin can disable color palettes and color settings, which…

  • Theme style variations

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    A theme style variation is an optional design for a block theme. You can use style variations to change the look of the website without needing to switch themes. Style variations are like a layer on top of the existing blocks and templates and can change one or many styles on the website. It can…

  • Introduction to the Site Editor

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    I wrote this introduction to the Site Editor using WordPress version 6.2 and Gutenberg version 15.7.0. If you are using different versions, there may be differences both in the interface and the functionality. Last updated Accessing the Site Editor You can open the Site Editor from the WordPress Admin area under Appearance > Editor: Or,…

  • How to create a sticky header with a group block

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    Last updated This short lesson covers a new feature in WordPress 6.2. You can follow the video guide below to create a sticky header in less than a minute; no code is necessary. From Gutenberg version 15.0, the group block has a new settings panel called Position, where you can choose the Sticky option to…

  • Editing with a purpose: Which WordPress editor should I use?

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    WordPress supports multiple editors and editing modes, and tracking which editor to use can become overwhelming. In the WordPress community, we sometimes call the default editor the block editor or the “editor.” In addition, you have the classic editor, which you can add via a plugin, and the Site Editor for site editing. To answer…

    Editing with a purpose: Which WordPress editor should I use?
  • How to switch your website to full site editing

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    In this article, I list my recommendations of what you need to consider before switching your website to full site editing. These are lessons learned from the first months after WordPress 5.9 up to the current version, 6.5. I write about what precautions and steps you should take and how to set up your full…

    How to switch your website to full site editing
  • What will full site editing mean for site creators?

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    Site creators can benefit from full site editing and the Site Editor in many ways. With these new features, you can change parts of a website that you previously could not change without using code. You can make site wide changes or edit the smallest details on a specific post or page. Last updated The…