What will full site editing mean for site creators?

More freedom to adjust the look and feel of the website

With full site editing, you can change areas of a website that you previously could only change with code.

When you use a block theme, you can make changes directly to a footer without being limited to the widget areas that the theme developer has added. And you can easily use different footers for different pages.
You could make changes to the header area, like moving a navigation menu or adding a header image, even if the theme did not have a header image originally.

You can do more with the new blocks

One of the most interesting new blocks is the post template that displays a list of posts. You can use this to change how posts are displayed on the blog without editing any code, and easily add or remove blocks for featured images, post title, category, date, post author and more.

Myself, I am excited about being able to create landing pages and front pages where I can
place a smaller blog and combine this with other types of content, and I will have full control of the placement and design. We do not need to rely on third party plugins or customizer options that someone else have added to the theme for us.

Better preview of the design while you are editing

There are themes that have all the customizer options that you need for changing font sizes and colors. -But with the customizer, you need to open a separate preview of your site to make these changes, and you can’t edit your content in that preview.
With the template editor that is part of full site editing, you can decide if you want to view only the content area, or view the full page.

Choose from more premade designs with patterns

Patterns will become more useful to site creators with full site editing. You will be able to choose from premade designs not only for the content, but also header, sidebars, footers…