PHP files or HTML files?


During the core editor and customize meeting on May 28th 2020, it was clarified that templates and template parts will likely be PHP files instead of HTML files.

The background to this is the need for dynamic urls and the ability to translate text strings.

PHP files will be tested and evaluated before a final decision is made.

This is also one of the reasons to why I postponed releasing the course; I do not want to spread misinformation.

These lessons will be updated once we have a decision, but this is the format that works right now, with Gutenberg version 8.2 – 9.9+, and it is the format that you can test right now.

Discussion: What file-type should FSE themes use?

Inline Dynamic Content Solutions:

Block Based Themes: Dynamic values in static HTML theme files:

Navigation Block: Add support for a dynamic home URL:

//Carolina, May 30 2020. Updated February 13 2021.