Full site editing development progress

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Full site editing is a focus area for WordPress. The editor team updates the Gutenberg plugin every two weeks. As a result, these features change frequently.

Updated September 16, 2022.

What’s coming in WordPress 6.1?

WordPress 6.1 is scheduled for release on November 1, 2022 (pushed from October 25).
The feature freeze for this release is September 20, and the contributors have started porting features from the Gutenberg plugin to WordPress core.

This list is not extensive, but here are some highlights:

  • More consistent block options. Many blocks have been updated to support colors, spacing and typography.
  • More options in the Styles sidebar in the Site Editor
  • Gallery, quote and list block now use inner blocks
  • Create additional templates in the Site Editor: Category, tag, taxonomy, date and custom
  • Block locking and content locking
  • Use featured image in the cover block
  • Appearance tools and template parts can be enabled in classic themes with theme support.


  • Spacing presets
  • Fluid typography
  • Hover, focus and active states for links and button blocks with theme.json elements.

Of course, I plan to cover these features in the lessons, but I have not had the time to update all lessons yet.

Keep an eye out for the official release posts and developer notes that will be published on WordPress.org closer to the release.

Future updates

There are still many bugs to solve, features to polish, and new features to add to full site editing. Some of the most requested features that were not complete in time for WordPress 6.0 were:

  • Responsive controls
  • Feature parity: Scheduling changes, additional CSS field
  • A sidebar for managing the navigation block content
  • Remote font providers for the webfonts API

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Updated scope for site editing on June 30, 2021.