Bonus -How to stay up to date



So, I wanted to do some quick slides about where you can find documentation and how to stay up to date with changes to full site editing.

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The core editor team, the group of people who are in charge of Gutenberg development, has weekly online meetings on Wednesdays, at 1400 UTC.
To participate, you need to have a Slack account. Meeting notes are published after each meeting, and you can read them at

The core editor team also publish monthly summaries and information about each update.
The tag you want to look for is #core-editor.

The second place you want to look at is the Gutenberg repository on GitHub.
The two labels that you may want to follow are Feature: Full site editing and Feature: Themes.
Here, you can read and participate in discussions about upcoming changes,
open issues when you find bugs, and contribute to improving full site editing.

The official documentation; yeah, there is nothing much to see here.
OK, there is some documentation for full site editing, but it is very limited.

I want to do a special mention about a blog called Gutenberg Times, and their podcast, the Gutenberg Changelog. They post high quality content frequently and share interesting views about Gutenberg, blocks, and full site editing. So that might be worth checking out.

Where to find documentation & how to stay up to date with full site editing and block based themes

Weekly meetings on WordPress Slack:

The slack meetings are open for anyone, but please respect that the meetings follow a set agenda and that the slack channels are not for support.

To join the Slack, you first need to create an account:

For a list of upcoming meetings please see

Summaries and updates

The core editor team publishes monthly goals, meeting notes, and information about new versions of Gutenberg on:

The core editor team and the themes theme publishes weekly summaries of notable changes and current github issues and pull requests on:

The Gutenberg Github repository

The following labels may be of interest:

[Feature] Full Site Editing

[Feature] Themes

[Feature] Patterns

Global Styles

Official documentation

Blogs and podcasts

The full site editing outreach program

The full site editing outreach program is a way to gather feedback from website creators and users who uses Gutenberg and wants to help test full site editing.

You can read the introduction post here:

Communication regarding this program happens on the WordPress slack in the public channel called #fse-outreach-experiment.