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How to stay up to date

Official documentation

The official documentation for block themes is being rewritten and moved to the Theme Developer Handbook.
The theme developer handbook has information about stable features, while the block editor handbook has information about new experimental features that require the Gutenberg plugin.

Theme Developer Handbook

Block Editor Handbook

Weekly meetings on WordPress Slack

The community Slack meetings are open to everyone.
To join the Slack, you first need to create an account:

Please respect that the meetings follow an agenda and that the Slack channels are not for support. For a list of meetings, please see

Published meeting summaries and updates

The Core team publishes meeting notes and information on

The Themes team publishes meeting notes on

The Gutenberg GitHub repository

The following labels may be of interest to you:

GitHub team for block theme developers

If you are a WordPress contributor and would like notifications of pull requests relevant to theme developers, please contact Ben Dwyer (alias Scruffian) on the WordPress Slack channel. The name of the team is Block Themers.

The developer blog

The developer blog on has useful in-depth articles about block and block theme development.

Resources from “Learn WordPress”

On you can find an increasing number of workshops and lessons.
Many of the video lessons are short and cover a single topic. They are suitable for beginners.

You can also participate in social learning groups via These are often fun and energetic events where you can interact with other learners. And not least, as a developer, connect with users and learn what questions, ideas, and struggles they have. -Or why not join to help answer questions?

Social learning and workshop schedule:

The outreach program

The outreach program is for anyone who wants to learn about, test, and give feedback on new WordPress features. Communication regarding this program happens on WordPress Slack in the public channel called #outreach.

Community resources

Jamie Marsland (PootlePress)

Fränk Klein

Ryan Welcher
Live coding for Gutenberg: Youtube Twitch.

Jonathan Bossenger

Brian Coords Youtube

Aurooba Ahmed & Brian Coords viewSource (Youtube)

10 up Gutenberg best practices

Elliot Richmond

Theme developers

Anariel Design

Anders Norén

Elma Studio

Ollie WP

Webman design

Podcasts, news, articles & tutorials related to site editing

WP Engine Builders

Is someone missing? Maybe you? Please email me. 🙂