June 24 Update

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This past week I have not found the time to blog to keep you up to date about the course progress.

There are both positive reasons: -I currently have two client projects to complete -these are the first payed projects I have had in months so I am very happy and relieved about that.

-I’ve also had a flare of joint pain and tiredness which means I have not been able to work my normal hours or at my normal speed. This is a little frustrating, especially since they always seem to show up when you are the busiest 😉 but I know its a flare that will pass.

The lesson about global styles is almost complete, and I have seen that some updates are also being made for the experimental themes repository, and I hope there will be more examples of themes that uses global styles soon.

On Friday the 26th at 18:00 UTC, I will join Birgit, Eileen and Kjell on a live Q&A about block based themes and full site editing. This is exciting and I’m a little nervous! You are welcome to join and ask any questions you might have!

Gutenberg times has also been amazingly kind to support the course by sponsoring!