June 13 update

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I am working hard to put more content for you on the site. Here is what I have been working on the last 3 days:

Moving course material and examples to Github, and doing bug fixes for the block reference and the site in general.

A lot of testing of Global styles: The concept is there, but it’s not working as I expected, or the part that I am testing is not implemented yet. Going to do some further testing and reading the source code.

Gutenberg version 8.3 fixed the issue with the default templates in the Site Editor, but when I sat down to re-record vital parts, I found one more major problematic bug, so the site editor lessons are still on hold for now.

I have been working on a pull request for adding descriptions to register_block_pattern, but the full site editing taxonomy block is currently on hold because I need help with parts of the code.