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First I want to thank Justin and WordPress Tavern for this article and for asking great questions!

Today I have been testing RC-1 of Gutenberg 8.3. I am hoping that I can finally publish the first lesson about the site editor. –But to be honest, there isn’t a great deal to show you yet because it is in the early stages.
It is more about a shift in how we work with templates than it is about the technical solutions because the site editor works similarly to the current editor.

I have received the final approval from Github to be able to use Github Sponsors, so that’s some positive news for me.

Some setbacks with LearnDash and the site

I had a small setback today when I tried to do some customizations for LearnDash. The website is not as accessible as I need it to be. I am going to continue to work hard on that and do more careful testing.

It is going to take me some time because I am going to have to make changes to the current theme, and, like our beloved block editor, LearnDash also lacks developer documentation.

For now, I have opted out of using the registration modal from LearnDash and added a basic registration and login button on the homepage instead.

Removal of the forum

I chose to remove the forum because the number of plugins I needed to have installed was growing and I did not want it to slow down the site.

Communication is important, and I will work on other ways for us to share ideas and themes. I want to provide an easy way for you to ask questions.

I considered Slack as one solution, but I feel that we all (hi friend!) spend a lot of time on Slack already, so I am now thinking about other solutions.

Sharing your full site editing theme

With the forum removed, so is the section where you could share your themes publicly.

If you have a theme to share, please submit it to the official WordPress Github repository for experimental themes.

I want to be clear that I do not run this repo. This is a WordPress project, and it is the best place to share your themes if you want someone to test it and give you feedback.

If you want my feedback specifically, I would love to see your themes, you can email me a link to your repository or similar at carolina@fullsiteediting.com