July 2 update and a hiccup

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Beta 1 panic mode?

We are getting closer to WordPress 5.5 Beta 1 that will include Gutenberg versions 7.6 – 8.5.

Right now, work is being done to decide which of the block patterns that will be added to WordPress core: #23608

It looks like the testimonial, features and services and the numbered features blocks will be removed, and the pattern categories are being updated.

I am still hoping that the accessibility of the inserter can be improved. There is hopefully time to fix regressions, but new features would need to be merged soon.




Updates to the official documentation

Yesterday, we had a block based theme meeting focused on documentation.
I was happy to learn that the documentation for the global styles has been updated, and it now includes a list of settings that are available. This list was previously only available on GitHub. You can find this documentation here.

Kjellr has volunteered to update the block based theme documentation, and this will be very helpful.

The meeting notes have not been published yet.

Website updates

On the course website, I am investigating an issue with the email notification signup form, that I think is related to recaptcha.

I have added a FAQ page and will be adding questions and answers to it starting today. If you have questions, please send them in.

Starting today, I am going to go through all the lessons to see what needs to be refreshed. I will probably not have the time to do the actual update of course videos today, but I will have an overview that will make the updates easier.

-I have received some questions about how to navigate the lesson pages and I will be adding an update about how to use the course.

LearnDash -Problems with 3.2.0

LearnDash has been updated to 3.2.0 -This brought unexpected bugs to their blocks and short codes, hopefully they will be resolved in 3.2.1. The LearnDash support team has been very helpful and confirmed the problem, but has not been able to give an ETA on when we can expect an update.