How to get involved with full site editing

No matter if you are a WordPress user, site creator or developer, your help is wanted!

Full site editing brings many big changes to how themes are used, and to make this feature work for us, we need to get involved and help test, report issues, share ideas, ask questions and discuss solutions.

Below are some ways that you can get involved:

The Full Site Editing Outreach Experiment

The FSE outreach experiment is an official WordPress testing program with the goal to Help improve the Full Site Editing experience by gathering feedback from WordPress site builders.

You can read more about the program on and participate in the WordPress Slack channel: #fse-outreach-experiment.

Create your WordPress Slack account:

The program has published its first call for testing with steps and testing instructions that you can follow:

Who can join and what kind of feedback is this program looking for?

If you create or maintain WordPress sites, please join and participate in the WordPress slack. The program aims to get feedback on everything from workflow changes to bug reports to “wish list” items. 

(Disclaimer: is not related to and does not report to the outreach program or in any official capacity.)

Creating and sharing a theme

If you have built a block-based theme, please consider sharing it with the community. Upload your theme to the theme experiments repository, or share it on the theme directory. If you are not sure how to do either, feel free to email me.

Reporting issues

If you find a problem related to full site editing please report it in the Gutenberg GitHub repository.

Remember to search first to see if someone already has reported the problem.
-Even if a problem has been reported, any information you can add and share is helpful.

Contributing with code and code reviews

You can contribute to the development of full site editing on the Gutenberg GitHub repository.

I recommend starting with reading the Block editor contributor handbook:

If you are looking for tickets to get started with I recommend using the labels
Good First Issue and Good First Review but select the latest, because the older issues and pull requests may have gone stale and they are not as easy to work with.


Help with triage is very much appreciated. If you see open issues that have the wrong labels or are missing labels you can help out by correcting this. You may also find issues that need additional testing, more information, or screenshots.

You can read more about triage in the contributor handbook:


If you find that you run into problems or have questions that you can not find the answer to in the documentation, -that is a great reason to help out by improving the documentation!
The block editor changes fast, new features need to be documented, and sometimes there is also information that is out of date.

If you need extra help with getting started, the documentation team is an amazing group of friendly and helpful people that can help.

Answering questions on the support forums

Finally, helping others with their questions is a great way to help people use the block editor, Gutenberg, and full site editing, both developers and users.