March 13, 2022

I have done an absolute horrible job with updating the changelog and for now, I consider this page to be retired.
I will be adding “last updated” dates to all lessons, but I simply do not have time or bandwidth to keep the changelog updated: I would rather continue to create new content and references.

This is the changelog for the courses and website where I will keep track of all as many updates that I can remember =D

Agust 22
Added the theme.json color options page.

August 1-7

  • Reopened the blog
  • Updated lessons and example code for Gutenberg 11.1-11.2.
  • Updated the block reference
  • Updated the excerpt block information in the list of full site editing blocks.

July 18 2021
I have not been able to keep up with the changelog, but I have improved the readability of some lessons and added new themes to the theme page. I have made improvements to the FAQ and the block patterns page.

June 19 2021
Several lesson pages have had smaller updates.

June 5 2021
The Creating block based themes lesson has been updated.

May 30 2021
Block patterns added!

14th of May 2021
I am in the process of updating the material and tutorials to the new theme.json format, but also updating the theme used on the website.

Don’t miss round two of the full site editing FAQ on

12th of May 2021
My theme, Armando was finally added to the theme directory.

10th of May 2021
Gutenberg 10.6 will include version 1.0 of the theme.json format.
The experimental-theme.json will be renamed to theme.json.
Please allow me some time to update the example theme and lessons 

The official documentation for theme.json has been updatedbut you need to use the Gutenberg 10.6 to test it.

15th of April 2021
We have a go! Read which full site editing features will be included in WordPress 5.8 here.

7th of April 2021
The following lessons have been updated:
Creating block-based WordPress themes
Exercise: Templates and template parts

February 25 2021 -Updated the full site editing blocks page to include the post navigation link blocks. Added “Hansen” to the list of themes. Published the first lesson in the site creator course.

February 24 2021 -Updated the block reference and navigation. Removed the link to the blog since it is inactive.

February 21 2021 -Updated the test theme. Updated the template part exercise and the global styles lesson.

February 20 2021 -Improved the navigation

February 18 2021 -Published the Exercise: Templates and template parts. Updated the GitHub repository and removed old files.

February 8 2021 -Retired on article and replaced it with the new Creating block based themes lesson, part 1.
Small improvements to the navigation between lessons.

February 7 2021 -Solved site errors caused by an auto update of Gutenberg 9.9. Updated the Global Styles lesson to match Gutenberg 9.9.

January 2 2021 -Typos, bugfixes, Improved menu styling and links.

December 29 2021 -Continuous bug fixes and solving broken links

December 28 2020 -Removed Learndash and updated to a full site editing theme.

November 26 2020 -Updated the preparations lesson. Updated code examples. Updated the example themes in the course material.

November 25 2020 -Temporarily remove one lesson that was out of date.

November 15 2020 -Updated the “What is full site editing?” lesson and the FAQ page.

November 8 2020 -Implemented changes to the block reference page and plugin that has been in the works for the past two weeks. Data is up to date with Gutenberg 9.3.0.

November 7 2020 -Updated the Welcome video and transcript

October 11 2020

  • Added a new lesson about block variations.
  • Removed a quiz, because several people has reported problems with it.

October 10 2020 -Renamed one of the practice themes to include the lesson name, to make the themes easier to identify.

August 23 2020 -Released an updated version of the block pattern lesson with a longer video and more example code.

August 12 2020 -Bug fixes related to the quizzes.

August 7 2020 -Added a first lesson for global styles.

July 2 2020 -Added a FAQ page. Added a section about how to use and navigate the course to the Welcome lesson.

June 24 2020 -Added an open question “quiz” where you can submit any questions you may have after viewing the lessons.

June 13 2020 -Changed the quiz “What key and value do you use to change a div to a header?” Because the input field still was not working correctly with the curly brackets. Thank you to Matt for the bug report.

June 12 2020

  • The example theme for the template and template parts lessons has been update to correct a problem with a closing tag in the template files.
  • The course material has been uploaded to Github.

June 10 2020 -The code example for “What key and value do you use to change a div to a header?” Quiz has been updated to use the correct curly brackets.