This is the changelog for the courses where I will keep track of all updates.

January 2 2021 -Typos, bugfixes, Improved menu styling and links.

December 29 -Continuous bug fixes and solving broken links

December 28 -Removed Learndash and updated to a full site editing theme.

November 26 -Updated the preparations lesson. Updated code examples. Updated the example themes in the course material.

November 25 -Temporarily remove one lesson that was out of date.

November 15 -Updated the “What is full site editing?” lesson and the FAQ page.

November 8 -Implemented changes to the block reference page and plugin that has been in the works for the past two weeks. Data is up to date with Gutenberg 9.3.0.

November 7 -Updated the Welcome video and transcript

October 11

  • Added a new lesson about block variations.
  • Removed a quiz, because several people has reported problems with it.

October 10 -Renamed one of the practice themes to include the lesson name, to make the themes easier to identify.

August 23 -Released an updated version of the block pattern lesson with a longer video and more example code.

August 12 -Bug fixes related to the quizzes.

August 7 -Added a first lesson for global styles.

July 2 -Added a FAQ page. Added a section about how to use and navigate the course to the Welcome lesson.

June 24 -Added an open question “quiz” where you can submit any questions you may have after viewing the lessons.

June 13 -Changed the quiz “What key and value do you use to change a div to a header?” Because the input field still was not working correctly with the curly brackets. Thank you to Matt for the bug report.

June 12

  • The example theme for the template and template parts lessons has been update to correct a problem with a closing tag in the template files.
  • The course material has been uploaded to Github.

June 10 -The code example for “What key and value do you use to change a div to a header?” Quiz has been updated to use the correct curly brackets.