Changes to global styles in Gutenberg 9.1

Carolina    Updated

In Gutenberg version 9.1, the structure of the experimental-theme.json file is being changed.

Jump straight to the details on Github

The JSON is still separated in two scopes (contexts), global and block type.

What was previously two different objects, presets and features, are now bundled together inside settings. Styles remain unchanged.

In your existing JSON file, create a new object called settings and place the contents of the presets and features objects inside of it. These are now nested at the same level in the hierarchy.

Example structure of a experimental-theme.json file before the change:

{ "global": { "presets": { .... }, "features": { .... }, "styles": { "typography": { ... }, "color": { ... } } }, "core/site-title": { "styles": { "typography": { ... } } } }


{ "global": { "settings": { .... }, "styles": { "typography": { ... }, "color": { ... } } }, "core/site-title": { "settings": { .... }, "styles": { "typography": { ... } } } }

I am going to update the code examples and lessons but because Gutenberg is on such a short release schedule, I can not guarantee that everything will be updated in time for 9.1, since I am also working on the new default theme.

VS Code autocomplete for block grammar

Carolina    Updated

I have created an auto complete snippet for VS Code that outputs the block grammar/markup for 52 blocks.

VS Code users can enable the snippet, and simply type group to add the markup for a group block. Start typing para… for the option to add the paragraph block, and so on.

The snippets work in PHP and HTML files. -If you want to use them in on the files, you can edit the file to remove the scope.

You can download the snippet from the course Github repository:

June 24 Update

Carolina    Updated

This past week I have not found the time to blog to keep you up to date about the course progress.

There are both positive reasons: -I currently have two client projects to complete -these are the first payed projects I have had in months so I am very happy and relieved about that.

-I’ve also had a flare of joint pain and tiredness which means I have not been able to work my normal hours or at my normal speed. This is a little frustrating, especially since they always seem to show up when you are the busiest 😉 but I know its a flare that will pass.

The lesson about global styles is almost complete, and I have seen that some updates are also being made for the experimental themes repository, and I hope there will be more examples of themes that uses global styles soon.

On Friday the 26th at 18:00 UTC, I will join Birgit, Eileen and Kjell on a live Q&A about block based themes and full site editing. This is exciting and I’m a little nervous! You are welcome to join and ask any questions you might have!

Gutenberg times has also been amazingly kind to support the course by sponsoring!

June 13 update

Carolina    Updated

I am working hard to put more content for you on the site. Here is what I have been working on the last 3 days:

Moving course material and examples to Github, and doing bug fixes for the block reference and the site in general.

A lot of testing of Global styles: The concept is there, but it’s not working as I expected, or the part that I am testing is not implemented yet. Going to do some further testing and reading the source code.

Gutenberg version 8.3 fixed the issue with the default templates in the Site Editor, but when I sat down to re-record vital parts, I found one more major problematic bug, so the site editor lessons are still on hold for now.

I have been working on a pull request for adding descriptions to register_block_pattern, but the full site editing taxonomy block is currently on hold because I need help with parts of the code.

June 10 update

Carolina    Updated

First I want to thank Justin and WordPress Tavern for this article and for asking great questions!

Today I have been testing RC-1 of Gutenberg 8.3. I am hoping that I can finally publish the first lesson about the site editor. –But to be honest, there isn’t a great deal to show you yet because it is in the early stages.
It is more about a shift in how we work with templates, than it is about the technical solutions, because the site editor works very similar to the current editor.

I have received the final approval from Github to be able to use Github Sponsors, so that’s some positive news for me.

Some setbacks with LearnDash and the site

I had a small setback today when I tried to do some customizations for LearnDash. The website is not as accessible as I need it to be. I am going to continue to work hard on that and to do more careful testing.

It is going to take me some time because I am going to have to do changes to the current theme, and, like our beloved block editor, LearnDash is also lacking developer documentation.

For now, I have opted out of using the registration modal from LearnDash, and added a basic registration and login button on the homepage instead.

Removal of the forum

I chose to remove the forum because the number of plugins I needed to have installed was growing and I did not want it to slow down the site.

Communication is important and I will work on other ways to for us to share ideas and themes. I want to provide an easy way for you to ask questions.

I considered Slack as one solution, but I feel that we all (hi friend!) spend a lot of time on Slack already, so I am now thinking about other solutions.

Sharing your full site editing theme

With the forum removed, so is the section where you could share your themes publicly.

If you have a theme to share, please submit it to the official WordPress Github repository for experimental themes.

I want to be clear that I do not run this repo. This is a WordPress project, and it is the best place to share your themes if you want someone to test it and give you feedback.

If you want my feedback specifically, I would love to see your themes, you can email me a link to your repository or similar at

June 7 update

Carolina    Updated

Just as short Sunday update, because I wanted to check what progress has been made this week and during the contributor day.

The site editor bug- Since 8.2 there has been a PHP notice in the site editor when you enable a full site editing theme. The bug has been localized and there is a PR being worked on:

Site title block update – A pull request that adds the “wp-block-site-title” CSS class name, alignments and heading levels to the site title has been merged. See for details.

There has been another important update that is worth mentioning even though it is not related to full site editing, and that is the new image editing controls.

The new image controls lets us rotate, flip and crop images. With the crop controls we can select an aspect ratio and orientation, and zoom in to crop a part of an image. Love it!

The controls in the image block toolbar lets us rotate the image to the left or right.

June 4 update

Carolina    Updated

Thank you all for the encouraging comments and feedback about the course so far! I have not been able to reply to everyone, but I am not ignoring you, I am doing my best to make time for everyone. 🙂

Today is the WCEU online contributor day and I have mainly been focused on that, so there has not been much time for updates to this site.

I have added the first full site editing blocks cheat sheet.

The progress on global styles was presented during the block based theme’s meeting on wednesday. Hopefully we can test that during the contributor day and provide fedback. It looks very interesting but it’s a different way to think about styles from what we are used to.

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