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  • Reintroducing the blog

    The last time I posted on the blog was in November 2020. Now that WordPress 5.8 and template editing have been released, I want to reintroduce the blog. I want to use it to publish articles about full site editing that are not good fits for full lessons.I also want to share resources and news […]

  • November update

    Twenty Twenty-One My days have been fully dedicated to the next default theme Twenty Twenty-One. Managing issues and pull requests, testing, solving problems and participating in discussions and meetings. Beta 3 of the WordPress 5.6 release cycle is tomorrow, and focus will be on bringing back the dark mode functionality to Twenty Twenty-One so that […]

  • More details on the changes to global styles

    This is a follow up to the previous post where I wrote about the new settings in the experimental theme json file. In this blog post on, Ari Stathopoulos introduces the new custom property. He also shows us how to use the font size settings and a custom variable to create a typography scale.

  • Changes to global styles in Gutenberg 9.1

    In Gutenberg version 9.1, the structure of the experimental-theme.json file is being changed. Jump straight to the details on Github The JSON is still separated in two scopes (contexts), global and block type. What was previously two different objects, presets and features, are now bundled together inside settings. Styles remain unchanged. In your existing JSON […]

  • VS Code autocomplete for block grammar

    I have created an auto complete snippet for VS Code that outputs the block grammar/markup for 52 blocks. VS Code users can enable the snippet, and simply type group to add the markup for a group block. Start typing para… for the option to add the paragraph block, and so on. The snippets work in […]

  • June 24 Update

    This past week I have not found the time to blog to keep you up to date about the course progress. There are both positive reasons: -I currently have two client projects to complete -these are the first payed projects I have had in months so I am very happy and relieved about that. -I’ve […]

  • June 13 update

    I am working hard to put more content for you on the site. Here is what I have been working on the last 3 days: Moving course material and examples to Github, and doing bug fixes for the block reference and the site in general. A lot of testing of Global styles: The concept is […]

  • June 10 update

    First I want to thank Justin and WordPress Tavern for this article and for asking great questions! Today I have been testing RC-1 of Gutenberg 8.3. I am hoping that I can finally publish the first lesson about the site editor. –But to be honest, there isn’t a great deal to show you yet because […]

  • June 7 update

    Just as short Sunday update, because I wanted to check what progress has been made this week and during the contributor day. The site editor bug- Since 8.2 there has been a PHP notice in the site editor when you enable a full site editing theme. The bug has been localized and there is a […]

  • June 4 update

    Thank you all for the encouraging comments and feedback about the course so far! I have not been able to reply to everyone, but I am not ignoring you, I am doing my best to make time for everyone. 🙂 Today is the WCEU online contributor day and I have mainly been focused on that, […]