Block support: ariaLabel

This document is part of the WordPress block reference and is intended for developers.

Last updated September 17, 2023.

How to add aria-label to blocks

Among the WordPress core blocks, the arial-label (ariaLabel) block support is exclusively enabled for the group block. This is an accessibility enhancement that lets developers use aria-label to add accessible names to groups without causing block validation errors.

This block support has no interface exposed to users.

ariaLabel is opt-in. You can enable it in your custom block by setting supports > ariaLabel to true:

"supports": {
	"ariaLabel": true

You can add aria-labels to group blocks in the markup:

<!-- wp:group {"tagName":"aside","layout":{"type":"constrained"}} -->
<aside aria-label="first aside" class="wp-block-group">
<!-- wp:paragraph --><p>Aside 1</p><!-- /wp:paragraph -->
<!-- /wp:group -->

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